3 Types of Holiday Perfect for Summer 2013

Ok, the summer is coming to a close, but that means that it’s now time more than ever to take a break before the winter closes in. But what do you do for your holiday, there are so many options out there. We’ve brought together some possibilities for ways you can escape the daily toll…

Beach Holiday

Where better to escape from the stresses of daily life than on the beach?! Grab a good book, pack the suntan cream and prepare to put your feet up. And when you heat up take a relaxing dip in the sea to cool off. We recommend Nice, Costa Del Sol and Hvar as great European options.

Romantic Break

Sneak of with your loved one to¬† get away from life’s daily annoyances and relax in each others arms, going out for nice evening meals and enjoying cocktails together. For a city break try Paris or Seville, for beach time head to the Portuguese coast.

Family Holiday

It’s a great time to go on holiday with the kids in tow before they go back to school. Head off for some adventures abroad and enjoy some family time before the hectic school schedule starts again. Try Marthinal in Portugal or the hills of Spain if you fancy some more activity.

City Break

If time is pressing and you only have a long weekend then get away to a stunning city to forget life at home. See world icons, eat in amazing restaurants and stay in boutique hotels. Try Seville for an amazing break in Spain, or head to eastern europe and Budapest for a cheap but breathtaking weekend.

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