Travelling is not new, people travelled long before the internet and for different reasons, modes of transport may have changed but reasons for travel have changed less over the centuries. Reasons for travelling include adventure, sports, discovery, and change of climate, relaxation and sightseeing. With all the different reasons for travelling, so are the travel companies, which make it such a competitive business. However, there are ways to make your travel website to stand out.


Marketing your website just anyhow may not deliver the anticipated results. You need to recognize your target group of clientele or niche and use marketing strategies that target your clients directly says SEO Travel Marketing. Create web content reaches out to your targeted niche for better results.


Customers tend to remain loyal especially if they you offer them unbeatable deals treat them well and keep in touch. Create long-term relationships with your customers by sending them regular informative emails, texting and informing them of any lucrative last minute deals. They will in turn book your trips with confidence and take part in marketing your website by informing friends and relatives.


Online marketing involves being active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where you can directly communicate with your clients and future customers. Post beautiful pictures of destinations that would want people to want to be there. Share inspirational information and you will be surprised at how social media responds. People share interesting information and pictures to friends and recommend travel site.


Blogging is an excellent way to keep in touch with your clients. It is like an office where you automate all tasks that your agency is supposed to engage in while marketing. It helps you improve your SEO, keep your social media page active and give up to date information to a worldwide audience.

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With so many travel websites online, you have to try your level best to be visible. People visit different sites and compare products and services before making any decisions. Working with aggregator sites such as Kayak or Sky scanner may cost you a bit more on marketing but your sites appearance on dominating sites such as these gives you a wider range of customers.


When people choose to travel, most of the time they have planned and invested in their vacations. While it is true that the word cheap appears on most sites in hope of attracting customers, what people really, want is good value for their hard-earned money. Give them a vacation that they would not really mind about the cost but one that will make them say ‘it was money spent well’ when they return. Do not splash your website with cheap, but compete on offering the best value that go beyond what your competitors have to offer. People do not want to go to a shabby destination just for holiday, they want to create memories that last a lifetime, give them what they want!

5 Tips for Learning a New Language

Communication plays a vital role in our world today, no matter where you go in this world you will find that it is less frustrating if you are able to express yourself and be understood. If you have ever travelled to a foreign country and found all directions, menus and places named in a language and you have no one to tell you exactly what it all means, you will end up a very confused traveler.  While hiring a translator is a possibility, it is definitely easier if you tried and learned a new language, like if you learn Russian for a trip to Russia. Here are a few tips on how to learn a new language:


Learning a language requires you to invest time and commitment to a routine study of the language you intend learn. You need to allocate a few hours every day to study the language: this means that if you can study a language for about four hours every day and in two weeks you will have achieved better than those studying an hour in a class each day.

Most people who take language classes hardly remember what they were taught because the lessons are normally separated by multiple days in a week. Language requires consistency and a lot of repetition each day, it is like a child learning and repeating rhymes every day until he/she becomes perfect. It is better to devote a certain period of your life and do it 100% so that you can perfectly learn a new language.


In every language there are words that are useful every day, they include asking direction, greetings, telling your name and where you come from and words to use when asking for things. Make a target of learning the very basic 100 words, make sentences using them over and over again and this will boost your confidence as you learn a new language. In fact it will make you comfortable when you need to converse in that language.


Which language do you think in?  We all have monologues running through our minds and they are normally in our native languages.  If you are trying to learn Polish, then challenge your mind to think in that language. For example if you are walking in a park and witness any action, try to put in words what you saw and incorporate the words that you have learnt. Begin to think how you can tell what you saw if you were to be interviewed or conversing with a friend.


They say practice makes perfect, even in learning a new language it makes a lot of sense. Make use of every opportunity to converse in the language you are intending to learn because as you speak you are deemed to be corrected and be more confident.


When learning a new language, it is not uncommon to say stupid things because some words may mean different things when put in different contexts. So if you say something silly and people burst laughing, do not be discouraged rather laugh it off when they tell you the meaning and keep learning

Villas in Malta: Travel in Style

Malta is a fantastic place to visit on a holiday, whether you are looking for a romantic break, a family holiday or a trip with friends, this little archipelago in the Mediterranean has everything you could want.

And if you’re travelling in a larger group then Malta villa holidays are the perfect option as you can get affordable but luxurious accommodation, freedom to do what you want in your accommodation as you have full privacy, and access to one of the most beautiful islands on the planet.

Staying in a villa gives you the best of all worlds. You get to stay in luxury, with Malta offering a wide range of villas across the archipelago which have a pool and other facilities that you would look for. You have the privacy that you wouldn’t get in a hotel, and you also get to hang out together as a large group by the pool and in the villa without having other people taking up your space. Plus, if you book as a large group into even the best villas in malta, you’ll often get it for much cheaper per person than if you booked in to a lot of separate hotel rooms!

For more info on what villas are available in Malta check out

We think staying in a villa is a fantastic option for those going on a holiday to Malta. Relax with friends, stay in luxurious surroundings and still be on the doorstep of all the fantastic things to see and do that are available in Malta.

What’s not to like?!

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3 Types of Holiday Perfect for Summer 2013

Ok, the summer is coming to a close, but that means that it’s now time more than ever to take a break before the winter closes in. But what do you do for your holiday, there are so many options out there. We’ve brought together some possibilities for ways you can escape the daily toll…

Beach Holiday

Where better to escape from the stresses of daily life than on the beach?! Grab a good book, pack the suntan cream and prepare to put your feet up. And when you heat up take a relaxing dip in the sea to cool off. We recommend Nice, Costa Del Sol and Hvar as great European options.

Romantic Break

Sneak of with your loved one to  get away from life’s daily annoyances and relax in each others arms, going out for nice evening meals and enjoying cocktails together. For a city break try Paris or Seville, for beach time head to the Portuguese coast.

Family Holiday

It’s a great time to go on holiday with the kids in tow before they go back to school. Head off for some adventures abroad and enjoy some family time before the hectic school schedule starts again. Try Marthinal in Portugal or the hills of Spain if you fancy some more activity.

City Break

If time is pressing and you only have a long weekend then get away to a stunning city to forget life at home. See world icons, eat in amazing restaurants and stay in boutique hotels. Try Seville for an amazing break in Spain, or head to eastern europe and Budapest for a cheap but breathtaking weekend.

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